Social Responsibilty

Access is committed to a meaningful contribution to the empowerment of all South Africans and focuses on real empowerment according to the broad-based approach.

Employment Equity and Skills Development

Access is committed to the development of all their employees and to this end support the Government’s initiatives aimed at promoting training, education and development. The principle of learning through experience, as well as formal training, is adhered to throughout the group.

Training needs are identified and documented in the form of work place skills plans. These plans and implementation reports are
submitted to the relevant Sector Education and Training Authorities

Preferential Procurement

Black-owned and black-empowered suppliers are supported where
practically possible

Corporate Social Investment

CSI has been established with the main objective of contributing to
the educational and social development of deserving communities
in South Africa.

Corporate Governance

Access is committed to, and endorses the application of the principles recommended in the Code of Corporate Practices and Conduct embodied in the King II Report. The company views the implementation of good corporate governance practices as integral to its business and recognises the need to conduct business with openness, integrity and accountability

The directors draw on their commitment, diversity and highly complementary professional and business experience to provide responsible business leadership with due regard to the interest of shareholders and other stakeholders, including present and future customers, suppliers, employees, as well as the community and the environment within which the company operates.

Fair play, vigilance and balance are embedded in the
Access values.